Choice gems for winds - beethoven at 250

IWS Chamber ensembles

march 7, 2020 | 7:30 PM 

The Studio Theater

                   Septuor op. 20                                     Beethoven


                   Tientos                                               Surinach

                   Music for an Indian Summer              Pinkham

                             Melissa Gallant, harp

                   Adagio para Orquesta de Instrumentos de Vientos


Join us for an evening of choice gems for winds as members of the Indiana Wind Symphony present a program of chamber works. From the days of Beethoven, to the modern era, composers have written great works for small ensembles. With limited instrumentation, the composers take the opportunity to weave fine, delicate tapestries of melody and harmony that just cannot be matched with a full ensemble.

The full range of small wind ensemble music will be masterfully explored.